Oncologica, the leading laboratory in genetic cancer testing is now providing
CoronaFCSv1 a COVID-19 DNA based diagnostic test



48h turnaround time*

Available on backorder

* Due to high demand and the current workload some orders may be delayed, though we will inform you of any delays as soon as we receive your order.

Update 04/04/2020: FOR NEW ORDERS EARLIEST DELIVERY DATE 30/04/2020 – Currently accepting backorders

How does it work?

We send a secure collection kit to the specified address/addresses to be picked up same day

As soon as the sample arrives at the lab, we’ll perform DNA and RNA extraction.

We execute a polymerase chain reaction test (PCR test)

We can confirm the presence or the absence of the Covid-19 virus

Why testing is important?

There are two main reasons for testing people – to diagnose them individually, and to prevent the spread of the virus by applying quarantine measures promptly.

As recommended by the World Health Organisation, testing of individuals with suspected COVID-19 symptoms is essential to manage the coronavirus outbreak.

Frequent and widespread testing can identify individuals who should go into isolation immediately to prevent further transmission.

Special conditions for Healthcare workers of NHS

Bulk testing & Corporate prevention plans

Ensuring that workers at work are negative for the presence of the virus is now essential for the safety of customers and the workers themselves.

Through rapid tests such as the CoronaFCS you can constantly monitor the health of your workers/collaborators and ensure a safe environment.

Continuous monitoring plan for your business

If you need a continuous testing cycle for your staff please contact the “Bulk orders” support to plan a constant testing subscription with precise dates.

Is it difficult to use the testing kit provided?

The collection of the saliva sample is usually done in two places in the nose and throat, the kit provided includes detailed instructions on how to perform the operation safely.

We are here to help NHS front-line workforce

We are all aware of the great effort that our colleagues at the NHS are making to ensure the best treatment for patients with COVID and we want to be as helpful as possible in these difficult times. If you are a frontline NHS worker and difficulty getting a test done you can contact us immediately. Contact us.


The test will be performed for you by Oncologica completely free of charge.

Bulk Order & Monitoring plan orders

One of our consultants will contact you within 24h to evaluate all of your needs.

Single order? 

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Note to patients: All contents on this page are for informational purposes. Decisions regarding medical treatments and diagnoses must always be made in consultation with your treating clinician.

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