Covid-19 PCR Tests & screening services for businesses starting at £45

Oncologica, a UK leading laboratory in genetic testing, is now providing a set of Certified COVID-19 diagnostic tests to control and monitor the spread of the virus in offices, factories, shops, healthcare providers, schools, universities, aviation and public transport.

24h turnaround time
NEW: Protection Plans for all businesses

Coronavirus test kits & COVID-19 monitoring services including:

  • Covid-19 PCR throat-nose swab testing.
  • Covid-19 test report issued together with a fit to fly certificate.
  • Regular screening of asymptomatic employees.
  • Monitoring of the working environment for Covid-19 (Test, track and trace options).

Which businesses can benefit from COVID-19 continuous monitoring and testing plans?

Business & Industries

Offices, factories, media industry, oil and gas industry, mining.

Healthcare Providers

Care homes, GP surgeries,dental practices.

Transport & Logistics

Aviation, shipping, rail travel.

Educational Institutions

Schools, universities, technical colleges.

Covid-19 Active monitoring & fast reporting platform

Oncologica not only performs PCR tests with 99.9% reliability, but also makes available to all customers a monitoring platform that makes it easy to track and monitor the tests carried out for customers and employees.

How the test works

The organisation decides the testing frequency.

Oncologica provides swabs and transport tubes to the organisation and pre-paid envelopes for their return.

Once samples arrive at our laboratories, the virus is inactivated and RNA extracted from the swab.

Analysis of extracted RNA is performed using a validated methodology (PCR)

Results are interpreted by Oncologica and sent back electronically to the Organisation within 24h

Covid-19 fit-to-fly certificates

Travel restrictions are in flux due to the global covid-19 pandemic. PCR swab testing is becoming an essential requirement for people to embark on international travel between countries. Travel by aircraft, ships and trains puts people in close contact for prolonged periods which increases the chance of infection.

PCR swab testing is required because most people, around 80%, do not have any symptoms of the disease and therefore do not show up on temperature testing. However asymptomatic individuals can readily infect other people in close proximity as occurs in aircraft cabins and airports.

By introducing a test for all passengers airlines can dramatically reduce transmission during flights.
International students attending schools and universities should also be considered for PCR swab testing to exclude infection acquired during flight which could put the host institution at risk.

Business overseas travellers can also benefit from PCR swab testing to ensure that infections acquired on flights are not transmitted to their colleagues on return to the office environment.

How do I ensure that employees and the workplace are covid safe?

Regular Covid-19 PCR throat-nose swab testing can ensure that people in a close proximity working environment are free from the disease. If a person becomes infected this is picked up quickly and the person can be sent home to quarantine before the virus spreads throughout the workforce or is passed on to clients. Regular testing, also referred to as screening, is necessary because around 80% of people have no symptoms but are still highly infectious.

Temperature testing or looking for symptoms will therefore miss the majority of people with active Covid-19 infections.

What strategies can be used to protect companies from Covid-19?

Screening can be carried out at different intervals according to the nature of the business. For example off shore oil and wind farm workers may require twice weekly testing. Care homes require testing on a weekly basis. Students entering schools and universities may require bulk testing at the beginning of term.

What do I need to do to make sure my employees are ready to come back to work after covid?

Ideally all workers should be tested on return to work so companies are starting with a Covid-19 virus free environment. Regular testing-screening should then be implemented to ensure continuation of a Covid-19 secure environment

How much does it cost to test employees on covid?

The cost depends on the frequency of testing and the number of employees for which a continuous testing plan is required. Our plans start at just £45/test.

Does the swab for anti-covid (Coronavirus) test hurt?

The swab is rubbed on the tonsils at the back of the mouth and then placed and rotated inside the nose. This can cause a gag reflex and bring some tears to the eyes but is not painful.

Once you have done it a few times you know how to place the swab to avoid the gag reflex and not to place it so far up the nose to generate a tear reaction.

What’s in a covid swab kit? Is it dangerous?

The Covid-19 swab kit consists of the swab on the end of a stick and a screw cap tube in which it is placed one the sample has been taken. The sample is taken by simply rubbing the swab on the tonsils at the back of the mouth and then putting into the two nostrils and rotating.

The tube and swab are then returned to Oncologica for PCR testing of the sample. The swab kit is therefore not a danger to the user and does not use any harmful materials or chemicals

Oncologica® is a leading precision oncology certified laboratory based in the prestigious Chesterford Research Park, Cambridge, UK.

Oncologica was established in 2014 to address precision oncology/personalised medicine testing for cancer patients using high complexity molecular platforms. Oncologica is a United States CLIA certified laboratory enabling us to undertake high complexity molecular testing.

Due to Covid-19 and the very high risk of this disease to immunocompromised cancer patients Oncologica has now utilised its platforms to perform high throughput Covid-19 testing.

We have now extended provision of Covid-19 testing to the wider community.

What is the difference between the CoronaFocus PCR test and the antibody test?


This test detects the presence of the virus on the swabs taken from the throat and nose of the subject. Therefore it tests for active infections, meaning that if the subject is infected he or she could be transmitting the virus to others.

This test plays an important role in controlling the spread of the virus in the workplace and the community.


This test detects the presence of antibodies in the blood which indicates that the person has had the infection in the past . These tests are presently unreliable and furthermore cannot be used to monitor and control active transmission of the virus. However they can provide useful information about exposure to the virus in the community.

Testing & Corporate protection plans

To mitigate the impact of coronavirus and provide a Covid-19 protected environment, facilitating strong and fast recovery and to maintain competitiveness, Oncologica is now offering a rapid Covid-19 testing/screening service with a 24h turnaround time.


More information on our COVID-19 testing service.

We’re helping to protect businesses of any size from £45 per employee per month

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